Best of July 2020

Run Yourself Ragged Screwball Scramble game green plastic board with orange accents marble challenge game

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Games and Cloth Diapers GaloreRun Yourself Ragged Screwball Scramble game green plastic board with orange accents marble challenge game

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Clearly, parents everywhere wanted more entertainment for their offspring during this busy month of summer. Many parents also researched cloth diaper options, vaulting this older post into July’s top three most read articles.

Clue Junior game for kids in box

Clue Junior: A perfect entry into the classic whodunnit type games, this board game for kids requires minimal literacy skills. Kids can move all the brightly colored figures to collect clues in different rooms to solve the mystery of who ate the cake, at what time, with which drink. Mark off the options on the included answer sheets to eliminate possibilities and be the first to correctly guess all three answers. 

Run Yourself Ragged obstacle course game in box

Run Yourself Ragged: This classic one person game, also called Screwball Scramble, involves guiding a marble around multiple obstacles to reach the finish line. Tilt, jump, and catapult your way to victory with a variety of knobs and levers. Race against the clock to beat your best time, or challenge a contender and take turns navigating the course.

Cloth diaper cover with Velcro fasteners

Velcro vs. Snaps: When considering cloth diapers, one of the first decisions you’ll run into involves fasteners. Cloth diapers come with either snaps or Velcro. This post details the advantages and disadvantages of both types, while including some basic info for anyone interested in trying cloth diapers.


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