Slime Kit

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DIY Slime Kit six small brightly colored containers of slime stacked vertically on table
  • What: DIY Slime Kit
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, creative, contained
  • Where: Amazon

If your kids have discovered online videos on how to make slime (thanks, online schooling for teaching them to navigate the computer so successfully!), and you want less mess and an easier project, consider getting your kids a DIY Slime Kit by Zen Laboratories.

DIY Slime Kit on Amazon

Sure, you can buy the ingredients to make your own slime, and lots of fun stuff to go in it. But this box contains everything you need, and then some. It comes with 18 small containers of slime ready to go in different colors, from clear to bright vivid shades. In addition to the rainbow of slime, the kit comes with twelve different colors of glitter, foam beads in a variety of colors (be careful as these lightweight tiny balls take off with the slightest puff of air), beads, and even glow powder.

Zen Laboratories DIY Slime Kit accessories spread out on table
This kit includes lots of accessories to add and interact with the slime.

Kids can add their own selections to each batch of slime, and make them unique. My three kids, ages five, eight, and nine, sat with this box of slime and ingredients for almost two hours. The only thing they needed from me to help open the glitter containers, but otherwise we had nothing but peace and giggling excitement.

Child holding blue slime in front of eyes
My kids mixing and experimenting with this slime kit.

This kit also includes a container for each batch of slime. If we had gone the homemade route, I would’ve had to cough up containers for each color of slime each child made. Kids can open and close the containers themselves, with the exception of the glitter. The glitter tubes require some serious elbow grease even from adults, to help mitigate the inevitable glitter invasion.

DIY Slime Kit from Zen Laboratories child adding tiny plastic food pieces to clear slime on plastic placemat
A plastic placement makes cleanup a breeze.

No matter what your kids choose to mix, I recommend giving them a plastic placemat to contain all the tiny bits for easier cleanup. Luckily, all the tiny bags included in the kit come with resealable closures. We opened at least four bottles of glitter and numerous other tiny bags of accessories, but had the table clean in time for dinner thanks to the easily wipeable and dumpable surfaces.

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