Sock Surprise

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Stumbling on the UnexpectedChild's pale pink sock hanging over electrical cords plugged into ouitlet

  • What: Sock Surprise
  • When: Living with kids
  • Why: No one knows
  • Where: At home

I’ve got three kids and have been parenting for almost ten years, yet sometimes even I get stumped by the little stuff. One evening last week I came across this sight.

Sock draped over cords plugged into electrical outlet
This sock ended up here somehow, even though the shoes nearby belong to one of the other kids.

You know you live with kids (who have been cooped up together too long) when you find a sock in cahoots with the electrical outlet. I have no idea what happened. I don’t think I could get my sock to land here even if I tried. And let’s be honest. Why on earth would I try to get my sock on an electrical outlet? 

I can only assume my child got really excited, needed to go outside without socks (water play anyone?), and whipped her socks off with nary a regard for where they landed. 

In case you’re wondering, after searching, I found the other sock roughly six feet away (closer to the door and shoe pile) waiting to slide for eternity – or at least the next all family clean up – underneath the sofa.

I’ve learned not to question these things. The sock eventually went away, I hope into the laundry basket. But if I find it anywhere else surprising, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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