Math Bingo

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Solve the Problem and ScoreBingo paper card with Connect4 chips marking numbers

  • What: Math Bingo
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Build math skills, fun
  • Where: At home

Does your child moan every time you whip out a math workbook or assignment for them? Looking for a new way to get your kids to practice math? Try a game of math bingo.

Bingo cards printed out using Connect4 checkers plastic pieces to mark off numbers
My kids use their Connect4 pieces to mark their boards.

You can print bingo sheets online, or even have kids make their own. Choose your numbers depending on their level of skill. Most bingo sheets go up to 75 in a 5 by 5 grid of numbers. For younger kids, you can make a smaller grid with lower numbers. For more advanced math, you can add in formulas, fractions, and order of operations to get the right level of difficulty.

Once you have a variety of bingo boards to choose from, you can use flash cards to show the math problems. Once again, you can make your own cards featuring a variety of math skills. You can also buy math flash cards, and make sure each number appears once. Grab some markers. If you want to use your bingo boards repeatedly, grab some chips to cover the numbers that come up. We like to use the pieces from our Connect4  game, but almost anything will work, from coins to tiny cars to other small objects you have handy.

Bingo for kids
Kids can play alone or in groups to try and get bingo.

Kids can play alone or take turns answering questions to compete with siblings or parents to try and score a bingo first. We like to play blackout, and fill everyone’s card for even more practice. This activity also works great virtually, for relatives to help build academic skills while parents get a  break.

Whether you want to keep math skills sharp during time away from school, or reinforce workbook learning, math bingo lets kids have fun while practicing skills.

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