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  • What: Epic Books
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Get kids reading
  • Where: Epic Books

Are your kids stuck with remote learning? Going crazy with the kids at home all the time, but don’t want to park them in front of a screen around the clock? How about some screen time you can feel good about?

During the pandemic, our local library shut down, and still hasn’t reopened. While we can get electronic books for the kids, the wait for even the most common titles takes anywhere from five to ten weeks. I have yet to meet a kid who wants to wait that long for their book. Instead, we’ve pivoted to an online resource that can and does supply our kids.

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Epic offers lots of reading material for a wide variety of ages and stages.

Enter Epic books. Epic books will give you a free thirty day trial to try out their library of 40,000 books and videos for kids up to age 12. My kids adore this service. We have one laptop for all three kids, and they fight over who gets to do Epic books at any given time. None of them have any trouble finding books they love, from my five year old who’s just learning to read to my nine year old whom we can’t keep in reading material no matter how much we get. 

Epic Books 4
Kids can turn the pages in books they choose.

Epic also includes audio books and even videos. They send you a weekly update with how long your child read. We first learned about Epic Books from our teacher during spring’s remote learning, but we’ve used it the entire summer as well. My kids’ reading has actually improved over the summer, thanks in large part to their consumption of this resource. Even better, if you do pay the $10 a month, it covers multiple. All three of my kids have different accounts to keep track of their reading habits, and remember where their place in any given book. Epic also lets kids earn points and increase their level based on how much they read. 

If you want to supplement your child’s learning, I highly recommend this online program for books for kids.

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