Stick Container

Collect Their Treasures Outside Your HomePig pot container filled with sticks and miscellaneous

  • What: Stick Container
  • When: 18 months to 12 years
  • Why: Keep nature outside
  • Where: At home

Tired of your kids bringing the outdoors in? Every time you take them out of the house, do they come back with a collection of rocks, sticks, and sundry other items they’ve found and can no longer live without?

Kids' collection of sticks, bark, and more found nature items in container on front porch

My kids can find a wide variety of items they bring home. I corral them all by the front door.

I got tired of finding nature inside my house, so we established a container by the front door. When my kids come inside, they park their sticks and rocks and whatnot in the bucket. Then when they go back out, their collection is handy, without bringing extra dirt or items into the house (where we find them in random places during All Family Clean Up). 

Metal pig decorative pot plant stand filled with rocks

Our kids’ collection got so large we now have two containers: one for rocks, and one for everything else.

I used an old pot stand shaped like a pig to give it some extra character (and balance out the random collection of sticks and rocks), but even a basic bucket or bag will do the job. No matter what container you choose, use this simple rule to keep the extra items out of your house.

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