Hot Wheels Car Wash

Hot Wheels Mega Color Changing Car Wash toy vehicles

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Squeaky Clean Fun

Hot Wheels Mega Color Changing Car Wash toy vehicles

  • What: Hot Wheels Color Change Car Wash
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, compatible with other sets
  • Where: Amazon

My youngest child loves a car wash. While they can be surprisingly hard to find in toys, we stumbled upon this Hot Wheels Color Change Car Wash, which comes with a bonus feature.

Hot Wheels Color Change Car Wash on Amazon

Not only does this play car wash use real water to get toy vehicles clean, but if you use it with Hot Wheels Color Shifters, the cars will change color as they proceed through the different parts of the car wash.

Hot Wheels Color Shifter car changing color going through car wash
Hot Wheels Color Shifters cars change color as they go through the car wash.

Start by filling up the red tower with hot water. Kids pull back the sign lever (which does make a loud noise, so if siblings need to nap or adults need to concentrate, this may be a toy to use another time) and the car moves along the conveyor belt. Slide and squeeze the red tank to spray hot water as the car goes under it. Then splash down into cold water inside the rinsing tank, and spin the fan to slide the car out the ramp to finish. 

Hot Wheels Color Changing mega car wash child squeezing water tower filled with hot water
Squeeze the movable water tower filled with warm water to change the car’s color.

The car wash also includes sponge rollers to get their treasures extra clean, and provide more interaction. It also comes with one color changing car. This set hooks up with other Hot Wheels sets thanks to their easy click connector system, but it works just as well as a stand alone toy. The removable blue tray underneath catches most of the water sprayed out, making for less mess and easier clean up. My son also likes to park his cars there when the tray is dry. 

Hot Wheels Color Changing car wash blue water tray underneath pulled out
The blue tray underneath comes out for easy clean up.

If you have a car fanatic, or even a kid who loves water play, grab one of these play sets and get them rolling with clean cars and more color changing fun.

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