Island Float

H20Go Bahama Wave Island Float on river with five kids riding inside

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Beat the Heat in Style

H20Go Bahama Wave Island Float on river with five kids riding inside
  • What: H20 Go Bahama Wave Island Float
  • When: Summertime
  • Why: Easy to use, compact to store
  • Where: Costco or Amazon

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? A nice remote island, with no one (or only the people of your choosing) on it? Maybe a nice cool drink in your hand….or your cup holder. Do you want to make summer last a little longer? Ready to take advantage of the last hot days of the season? If you live near any large body of water, or even if you don’t but like to visit, consider investing in an H2O Go Bahama Wave Island Float. (If you can’t find that exact model, try this Relaxation Island on Amazon.)

H20GO Bahama Wave Island Float on lake with legs and feet cooling in water and kids climbing back in
The platform helps swimmers get back in, while the mesh bottom lets rider cool off without committing.

This luxury inflatable lounge built for six comes with six cup holders and two places meant for use as small coolers. Keep your feet (and anything else) cool without commitment with the mesh floor in the main part of the raft. It also includes an inflatable platform to help anyone get back in the boat after a swim, and a rope all the way around to help kids hang on and assist with transport as well as multiple handles. It also comes with a durable plastic anchor bag. You can fill the bag with rocks (or whatever else you have handy) to keep from floating too far from shore. At 13 feet long by almost nine feet wide, there’s plenty of room for you and all your gear, since this island can hold up to 1190 pounds.

H20Go Bahama Wave Island float folded inside cardboard box
We got ours back into the box it came in…sort of.

The float comes with a pump that can be hooked up to a regular outlet, or grab a converter to use your car’s outlet. We invested last summer and have gotten extra mileage this summer on both lakes and river floats. We’ve easily piled two families into the boat, sometimes more, thanks to the low weight of kids. It takes about 10 minutes to inflate the separate compartments, and you’ll want at least two adults to carry it to the water’s edge. 

Adults carrying H20Go Bahama Wave Island Float at campsite
You can carry this inflated float with two adults, but four people makes it much easier.

Once you get there, lounge in comfort as long as you like. This float makes a great addition for any boat or trip, and it packs away almost into its box after use for easy off season storage.  If you can get your hands on one of these rafts, don’t hesitate. Ours has lasted two seasons so far with nary a scratch despite multiple river runs, lakes, and landlubber relaxing.

H20Go Bahama Wave Island Float raft boat on grass at park with river in background
This float easily holds six adults, and can handle lots of action.

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