Baseball Bases

Easy Up, Easy DownFranklin Sports Throw Down Baseball Bases home plate with plastic and foam baseballs on grass field

  • What: Throw Down Baseball Bases 
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Create a field anywhere
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to bring some sports back into your child’s life? If team sports have been placed on an indefinite hiatus, but you still want to get your kids out and running around, grab a pack of Franklin Sports Thrown Down Baseball Bases.

This set includes three bases, home plate, and even a pitcher’s strip. If you can’t get to your neighborhood ball field, this set is the next best thing. Its compact size makes it easy to store, and kids can set up the bases as far apart as they like.

Child in overalls running between bases at grassy park

My son running the bases at the park.

Got a kid playing t-ball? Complete the game with this set of bases. Have an older child bemoaning the absence of team sports? Take this set to your local park and team up to get them back in the game. 

Franklin Sports throw down baseball bases pitcher's strip on grassy field

These bases go back and forth between home and the park easily and also include a pitcher’s strip.

My son got this set as a gift for his birthday one year. They beat the pants off the cups, cones, hats, and helmets we used to randomly mark the bases in yards and parks and elsewhere. Their flat profile means they don’t hinder base runners, and it makes them compact to carry and store. They do have a heft to them, so they can endure being stepped on, thrown around, and generally used. They spray clean with a hose so no matter how muddy the game gets, you can keep them clean enough to spot on the field. And their actual size makes it easier for runners and fielders alike to tag the bases. They work equally well for kickball or softball, or any other game that requires bases, or anytime you need weatherproof spot markers.

If you want to set up a game in your backyard or anywhere else on the go, grab a set of these Throw Down Bases.

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