Eating With a Spider

Bee captured inside clear container of bug vacuum toy for kids

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She Swallowed A Sigh

Bee captured inside clear container of bug vacuum toy for kids
  • What: Eating With a Spider
  • When: Mealtimes with kids
  • Why: No one knows
  • Where: At home

I adore the bug vacuum my kids recently got. Not only do they play with it constantly, but it helps out around the house, too. Now instead of having to deal with creatures indoors myself, I can send the kids to take care of them.

Spider captured by kid inside bug vacuum clear container sitting on dining room table while child eats lunch
My son was so excited to catch such a large specimen.

The only downside? When they bring their catches to the table. I may have to institute a no bug rule while eating. My son caught a huge spider hanging out on our door sill. He was so thrilled he brought it to the table for lunch. And then he proceeded to talk about it, and how large it was, and how much it would eat, and every other little detail throughout the meal. On the plus side, I didn’t have to deal with the spider. And it stayed contained, though at times I thought it might escape. On the downside, it sat on the table and he kept picking up the clear container and trying to show me things like the stripes on its legs.

Spider caught inside bug vacuum clear container
We spent our meal with this kind of company.

In case you wanted to know, the kids released it outside after lunch after we identified it as a jumping spider. (The horror!) It hung out by the back door for an entire day, so we didn’t use that door until it moved along in case it made a break back inside. 

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