365 Simple Science Experiments

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Science for Every Day

  • What: 365 Simple Science Experiments
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, educational, easy
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to supplement your child’s learning in the science department? Want to encourage a love of science in young kids, but don’t know how to get started? Get a copy of 365 Simple Science Experiments and get going today.

365 Simple Science Experiments book on Amazon

This book offers easy experiments using everyday materials. Most of the 365 projects don’t need anything complex beyond household materials, like bowls, string, clothes hangers, and chairs. Each experiment includes a list of things you need to get started printed right on the page in an easy to find colored box. The step by step instructions illustrate exactly how to perform these tricks, stunts, and experiments, then explain how each one works.  

This book has hundreds of easy experiments kids can do with simple materials.

None of the experiments take long to set up or perform, making them perfect for regular science lessons. You won’t need a screen for these educational hands-on activities, so they supplement online learning, summer time fun, or anytime you want to keep the kids entertained without reverting to a screen.

Get your copy today and get your kids started on a lifetime of discovery.

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