The Most Realistic Noodle Maker for Kids

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Crank Out Some Play Pasta

  • What: Play Dough Noodle Maker
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun and durable
  • Where: Amazon

Do your kids love play dough? Want to add to their pretend kitchen play? Look no further than this Noodle Maker Set for kids’ dough.

Little Siena Kids Noodle Maker Play Doh Set on Amazon

This set comes with the pasta machine itself, as well as six different colors of dough for playing. It includes four light purple ends for the machine to make a variety of different noodle shapes. If your child wants even more options, attach the yellow cap to the end of the machine. Then slide one of the shape bars onto the cap. With two bars and five designs per bar, this machine can keep kids molding shapes for quite some time.

My daughter cranking out pasta noodles from the play dough machine.

Crank the handle and out comes dough. Catch the dough in the included bowl or cup and use the plastic utensils to serve up a complete meal. The mixer stand also has slots to hold purple caps not in use, as well as a few utensils. The handle can be tricky to turn with stiffer dough, so soft colors work best. (If your dough dries out, make it softer with this easy trick.) To load, remove the cap on the front, stuff play dough into the tube, and reattach the cap.

This set comes with everything kids needs to make a variety of play dough shapes.

My son got this pasta machine for his birthday several years ago and my kids still enjoy cranking out all kinds of shapes. He especially loves having his own pasta machine. It comes with a lot of parts, which can be stored in the original box or in a bag to keep track of all of them. We keep the parts mixed in with our other dough toys, while the stand itself lives in my son’s play kitchen for easy access. This plastic toy has held up remarkable well for an off brand toy, but it works great with Play Doh, and other pretend dough sets, too.

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