Stuffed Animal Museum

Oodles of AnimalsStuffed animals in pile

  • What: Stuffed animal display
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids busy
  • Where: At home

Stuck inside while the air quality sucks? Used up all your ideas to keep your kids entertained and not at each other’s throats? Encourage them to set up a stuffed animal museum.

Kids stuffed animal museum display with critters sitting on floor, chaise lounge sofa, bed, rug and more covered with toys
My kids set up 209 stuffed animals on every available surface in the bedroom.

You don’t need anything fancy to get this idea rolling. Simply have your kids find all their stuffed animals and pull them out. Then they arrange them in a pleasing manner on any available surface. If you luck out, they will use their own room to make an impressive display that will take them quite some time to set up (and even more time to put away). 

Stuffed animals set up on display on bed sorted by type size and color
My kids sorted their stuffed animals by type for the museum display.

A stuffed animal display also complements a kid hang out area. If they set up in their own personal space, they can leave the museum up for longer than one day without it hindering mobility around the house. And if you get really gung ho, you can have them sort stuffed animals once they collect them all. Organizing by type, color, or size have hidden educational benefits. And you may even convince them to relocate some of the less loved critters into a donation box once they finish.

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