Recycling Truck Toy

Androni Giacattoli ecological garbage truck green with yellow cab toy

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Reduce, Reuse, ReplayAndroni Giacattoli Ecological Garbage Truck toy green recycling truck with yellow cab vehicle kids

  • What: Millennium Garbage Truck
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Sturdy, durable, moving parts
  • Where: Amazon

Want a toy that encourages kids to recycle? If you want to get your child in on the recycling action from a young age, look no further than this Androni Giocattoli Millenium Garbage Truck.

Androni Giacattoli Millenium Ecological Garbage Truck on Amazon

This bright green truck comes with sturdy wheels that can handle almost any terrain. Whether you use it indoors for toys or outdoors with sand, the parts hold up to wear and tear remarkably well. The back gate lifts up for easy access to any load. It also offers an orange lift, which dumps items into the hopper. A rotating orange blade operated by a crank on the side insures any items get pushed further into the truck, making room for more fun. 

Androni Giacattoli Garbage recycling truck toy rear end with lift and swiveling
The back gate lifts to load garbage, toys, or recycling, while the orange blade spins with the turn of the crank.

The yellow cab comes with two molded gray seats, and the six wide black wheels stay firmly attached. That means no small pieces to lose or break off, and lots of little hands can play for months on end. At 18 inches long and about 8 inches high, this recycling truck doesn’t fit easily onto shelves. But if you can find the space to store it, it offers oversized play that lasts beyond the weekly garbage collection.

Open back end of Androni Giacattoli ecological recycling truck lifted by child's hand next to Duplo blocks
The back opens to access the ample room inside.

We inherited our truck from friends, and it has stood the test of multiple children over many years. My kids love to remove the back gate from the truck, and stuff it full of anything and everything. It has been used to dump loads of Duplo and transport countless Beanie Babies. No matter how they use it, the spacious back end can hold large loads. If you buy it brand new, the truck also comes with a recycling bin, which can be lifted with the attached gate. With or without the included bin, kids will have no problem finding lots of things to recycle over and over again.

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