Pokemon Battle Academy Box

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Beginning Battle Skills

Pokemon Battle Academy box learning card game

  • What: Pokemon Battle Academy Box
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Learn to play 
  • Where: Amazon

Do you need a card game that can take up hours at a time? If you have two kids who can read, and want them to learn the Pokemon card game, grab a Pokemon Battle Academy Box.

Pokemon Battle Academy Box on Amazon

This box includes a foldout game board as well as three starter decks. The box comes with step by step instruction booklets, and unlike other Pokemon cards you can buy, the training decks come numbered so kids can put them in the correct order to use the instructions. The step by step guide will walk kids through each turn until they get the hang of playing on their own.

Pokemon Battle Academy Box contents Mewtwo Charizard Pikachu instruction booklets damage markers coin and playing board
The Pokemon Battle Academy Box comes with all these items.

Once they master the two basic decks, the box also includes a third deck to keep things interesting. Since some Pokemon card games can take more than an hour to complete, if you have two kids who will play, this box can be a great way to keep them entertained without any screens for multiple hours as they master the skills needed to become a Pokemon expert.

Nine year old playing with cards from Pokemon Battle Academy Box on floor
My son playing with the cards from his battle box.

Inside the box, kids will find everything they need, including an oversized coin for tossing and damage markers. The clearly marked board shows where to put active Pokemon battling head to head, Pokemon cards ready for action on their bench, their deck and discards, and even slots for their prize cards. Once they finish, everything fits neatly back into deck boxes and plastic inserts inside the game box. That means you shouldn’t find random cards scattered all over your house.

Back of Pokemon Battle Academy Box card game for kids contents instructions
This battle box comes with everything kids need to learn how to play the card game.

This set can get your kids started. They can buy more booster packs or advanced cards once they learn the basics thanks to the starter set. Even kids who have had lots of practice with their own cards can enjoy the perks of this box as they teach siblings, friends, or parents to play. My son used his own money to buy this box, even though he’s been playing Pokemon for years, and still loves playing with anyone willing. I love that all the cards stay neatly put away.

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