Recycle Car Seats

Car Sear Trade In event sign at Target

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Get Rid of the Bulk

Diono Radian 3RX convertible car seat next to Britax Boulevard convertible car seat
  • What: Recycle old car seats
  • When: Car seats expire
  • Why: Put those old seats to good use
  • Where: Target

Looking for a way to recycle your old car seat? From booster seats to convertible car seats and infant carriers, these safety items take up lots of room, and they don’t last forever. If you need to get rid of your car seat because it has expired, or even if you no longer use it, but cringe at the idea of tossing it in a landfill, hurry to Target now!

Car Sear Trade In event sign at Target
Find the big red box at the front of Target stores.

This major retailer offers free car seat recycling. The catch? You can only participate at certain times of the year. Lucky for you, the time is now! Until September 26th, you can drop off your used car seat to be recycled at any Target in store location. You do have to go inside the store to drop it off, but the store puts the big box conveniently right at the front of the store.

If you’re a member of their Target Circle program, you even get a bigger bonus. Get 20% off any baby item, like a new car seat, play yard, stroller, high chair, and more when you drop off your used car seat or booster. 

Car seats jumbled in pile at Target trade in event
Toss your car seat into the donation box and get a coupon for 20% off a new baby gear item.

My daughter outgrew her convertible car seat back in February, and I’ve been waiting for this event for months! I’m super excited to get this bulky item out of our house without dumping it into the landfill, or breaking down the individual parts to scrounge what can be recycled. Do yourself and the environment a favor and leave your car seat at Target for recycling.

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