Hot Wheels Monster Truck Race

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge Play Set

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Loop In the Fun

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge Play Set
  • What: Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy to use, fun to watch, compatible with other sets
  • Where: Amazon

Got a child obsessed with vehicles? Maybe you need a gift for the young truck aficionado in your life. If you want to thrill any child with a fascination for things that go, check out the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge Play Set on Amazon

This big box set comes at an affordable price, but still loaded with fun. You get a two track loop de loop, a monster truck, and a regular sized Hot Wheels race car. One track fits the bigger monster truck and the other fits standard Hot Wheels cars. Pull the attached trigger to prepare the launch mechanism, load the car and truck, then hit the button. Both vehicles take off, spin around the loop, and launch out off the ramp at the end. You can race one vehicle at a time, too, though why limit the fun?

Launch button and lever on Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge Set
Pull the lever, load the cars, and push the yellow button to launch the monster truck and race car through the loop side by side.

This box also comes with a paper measuring tape along the edge of the instructions, so kids can see which vehicle went further in numbers. Use the golden trophy cup winner’s circle as a target, and see which car can perfect their landing inside it. When not in use, stash the target in the middle of the loop to keep it handy yet out of the way. This large set stands about two feet high and several inches wide, so it won’t fit on standard shelving or cubes. But if you find room to keep it, kids will love it.

The winner’s circle target can store inside the loop or be removed to use as a target for landing.

My son received it as a birthday gift, and all three of my kids, plus all the others that have seen it in action, have been fascinated. They love shooting the cars over and over again to see what happens. (Keep a close watch on younger kids, because cars shooting off the end of the track would be a very unwelcome surprise to the face or other body parts at the end of the line). You can connect this set with other How Wheels Monster Truck sets to extend the fun, but it provides plenty of play on its own.

Child playing with Hot Wheels Monster Truck Epic Loop Challenge Set outside on bench
My son playing with his new monster truck race track set.

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