Straw Painting

Child blowing through straw to paint

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Paint Without Brushes

Child's paint project made by blowing air through straw to move paint on paper
  • What: Painting with air
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Novel art project, cool results
  • Where: At home

Looking for an easy yet novel art project for your kids? Challenge them to create a painting using only air.

Child painting on paper by using straw to blow air to move paint
Kids blow through a straw to move the paint around the paper.

This simple project requires only three materials: paper, paint, and a straw. You may also want some water to thin your paints depending on the kind you use. Add water as needed to paints in small containers. Once the paint moves freely, let some drip onto the paper. Have kids use a straw to blow the paint around the surface of the paper.

Kids can use a single color to explore the effects of air, or combine colors for more patterns. The straw doesn’t need to touch the paper or the paint to move it around, so you can easily reuse the straw for drinking or other craft projects. 

If you want a simple yet fun way to explore air with visible results, give straw painting a try.

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