Hair Tie Bracelet

Keep Hair Help HandyEmpty hair tie elastic bracelet in rose gold on wood grain surface

  • What: Hair Tie Bracelet
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Keep hair elastics handy
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but between the pandemic and parenthood, my hair has fallen right off the list of my priorities. That means I wear it up almost everyday, where it stays out of my face, my mask,  and I don’t have to spend any time thinking about it (or styling it). 

Hair Tie Bracelet on Amazon

If, like me, you’ve reverted to a daily supply of hair elastics, and never leave the house without one, consider gifting yourself a Hair Tie Bracelet. I love my bracelet. It holds a hairband on my wrist without leaving any marks or stretching the elastic too much. It keeps my hair solution handy and it makes me feel much more well attired. Plus bracelets don’t interfere with masks, unlike earrings and even some necklaces. 

Purple hair elastic in hair tie bracelet worn on wrist
I like to wear colored hair ties in my bracelet, but it looks great with any color.

I like to switch the color of my hairband to coordinate with my outfit, because I’m funny like that. But it looks just as good with a basic black elastic as with any color. The bracelet itself comes in multiple metals, including silver, gold, rose gold, and even black. You slide your wrist into the gap in the bangle, then slip the elastic over your wrist into the groove of the bracelet. The higher sides prevent the hair tie from slipping off. This item makes it easy for me to keep a hair tie handy even when I have to wear a helmet for biking or other activities that prevent me from having my hair up. I haven’t been willing to part with my cuff, but I bet this jewelry works just as well for older kids as it does for adults. 

Hair tie spanning gap in hair elastic cuff jewelry bracelet holder on wrist
The hair elastic spans the gap to prevent the cuff from falling off, and the bracelet prevents the elastic from leaving a mark on skin.

The bangle looks just as good without a hair tie on it as it does with, so when you put your hair tie in action, you can still feel confident knowing your bracelet looks great. If you want to keep a hair elastic handy without digging through your bag, get your own bracelet, because I won’t be parting with mine anytime soon.

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