Kids’ Advent Calendars

Lego City 2020 Kid Advent Calendar box close up on Santa, four wheeler losing wheel, and Christmas tree

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Countdown to Christmas

Lego City 2020 Kid Advent Calendar box close up on Santa, four wheeler losing wheel, and Christmas tree
  • What: Kids Advent Calendars
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Easy, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon

It feels like fall! With cooling temperatures and the calendar turning to October, it can only mean one thing. ‘Tis the season to get your advent calendars!

Lego City Advent calendar back side of box showing fold down flap and open door
Each Advent calendar comes with 24 flaps to open, revealing a toy or treat inside.

No matter what kind of calendar your child prefers, from the traditional chocolate filled variety, to Lego creations, Disney versions, or Hot Wheels, you can’t go wrong with this holiday treat. Lego offers four types of calendars this year, including Star Wars, City, Harry Potter, and Friends. Younger kids can practice finding numbers on the punch out doors, and learning to associate dates with days. Older kids can countdown the days until Christmas with the simple delights behind each numbered door. You can even find grown up versions to bring a little extra joy to friends and family this year.

Lego Star Wars 2020 Advent calendar
You can get a variety of toy Advent calendars, including Star Wars Lego themed sets.

I usually try to acquire my kids’ toy advent calendars by Halloween. We started with Playmobil varieties, but have since moved on to Lego and beyond. This year, with delivery delays, longer restocking times, and limited selections in some stores, I bought even earlier to make sure we get what my kids want. Advent calendars make for a great tradition in our household, and I don’t want to miss something easy I can do for my kids to give them a sense of both routine and celebration in these uncertain times.

Now we just have to wait until December, when we can start opening each day’s surprise.

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