Costumes That Incorporate Face Masks

Eight year old girl dressed up in ninja costume with black face mask

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Get a Good Look Without Sacrificing SafetyEight year old girl dressed up in ninja costume with black face mask

  • What: Costumes with face masks
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Keep kids safe without ruining their costume
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a Halloween costume that incorporates a mask? Don’t want staying safe to ruin your child’s look? Try one of these ideas for characters, where wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus will only add to your child’s alter ego.

Two kids dressed up in black ninja costumes with red accents
Add a black face mask to a ninja costume to complete their look.

Ninja: What ninja costume wouldn’t be complete without your basic black mask? Add a simple two layer black mask of almost any style to this easy costume idea, and don’t sweat letting your kids enjoy some Halloween dress up. Simply swap out any costume masks included for a black mask in your child’s size.

Bandana Print Masks for Kids on Amazon

Cowboy: Grab a printed mask in a bandana style to complete your little character’s hold-up. From Wild West raiders to horseback riders keeping the dust out, this costume can be easily enhanced with a face covering.

Teeth Printed Kids Masks on Amazon

Dinosaur: Make a ferocious costume even better with a mask printed with a full set of sharp teeth ready to tear into its next meal. Better yet, your child can feel like a dinosaur any day of the week, not just for Halloween.

Halloween Kids Mask on Amazon

Vampire: Or get a mask printed with fangs to bring your little vampire to life. Instead of waxy teeth that leave behind residue and a bad taste, try a mask with a scary or friendly set of pointed chompers.

Kids Disposable Masks 50 Count on Amazon

Doctor, Nurse, or Surgeon: Medical professions make great costumes. A white button up shirt paired with a disposable mask makes an easy costume simple to assemble last minute. As an added bonus, it pays tribute to some of the essential workers on the front lines fighting the virus.

Kids fire chief red plastic fire helmet costume accessory
Add a helmet and almost any kind of face mask to a firefighter’s raincoat and boots for an easy costume your child can use for months.

Firefighter: A mask helps keep firefighters safe from all that smoke, as well as any germs floating around. Add a helmet and a mask to a rain jacket and rain boots you can use all year round, and get your money’s worth out of this costume for much longer than one night or week. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about the weather with all the rain protection.

Animal Print Kids Face Masks on Amazon

Animals: You can get face masks printed with all sorts of animals, from cats and dogs to seals and more. Skip the face paint this year and go with a reusable animal mask instead.

No matter which kind of costume your child selects, stay safe out there by adding a mask.

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