Sisters Book

Sisters book cover by Raina Telgemeier close up of smiley face with braces and headphones and angry face

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Rocky Relationships on the Road

Sisters book cover by Raina Telgemeier close up of smiley face with braces and headphones and angry face
  • What: Sisters graphic novel
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Hilarious, encourages reading
  • Where: Amazon

With road trips rising in popularity thanks to travel restrictions from the coronavirus, families have taken to their cars in droves for family vacations. Whether you can remember your childhood road trips, or want to prepare your kids for the realities of the road, check out Raina Telgemeier’s Sisters graphic novel.

Sisters graphic novel on Amazon

This novel doesn’t hold anything back. From the little brother who irritates both his older sisters to the constant bickering every parent will recognize from the backseat, this story will entertain everyone. Based on the author’s personal experience as a teen, she captures the details that make a trip memorable, and not always for the right reasons.  More importantly, this book chronicles that morphing relationship between two siblings, from the desire to have a sibling to the years of teen angst and competition. Anyone who’s spent hours inside a car with their siblings can relate to the exploration of this family tale.

Page spread from Raina Telgemeier's Sisters graphic novel for kids
This graphic novel comes filled with moments both parents and siblings will find familiar.

If you haven’t experienced Telgemeier’s wit and style, before or after surviving a road trip with your kids might be the perfect time for you or your kids to enjoy this well-crafted tale of a family on the go.

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