Best of August 2020

Clue Junior board game for kids with Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns books fanned out on top of box

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Diapers, Games, and Books for Almost Any AgeClue Junior board game for kids with Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns books

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August’s most popular posts had a little something for everyone. From new parents trying to decipher cloth diapers, to those wanting to entertain their pre-literate kids with a game, all the way to books for kids reading on their own, you can find something for every part of your parenting journey in this month’s top posts.

Cloth diapers Thirsties diaper covers folder and lined up on changing table

Velcro vs. Snaps: Whether you’re new to cloth diapers, researching your options in depth, or curious about the hype, this post helps explain the difference between Aplix, also known as hook and loop or Velcro, and snaps. Take a look at the pros and cons of each type of cloth diaper fastener to make an informed decision for your infant.

Clue Junion board game mystery solving game for kids

Clue Junior: Kids and grownups alike can enjoy this game of mystery. Race against other players to discover which color character ate the cake, at what time, and with which drink. Based mostly on simple illustrations, this game lets each player move the different colored characters at will (so no more arguments over who gets what color piece). Explore the different room furnishings and the characters themselves to eliminate possibilities and arrive at the correct answer.

Fairy Ponies and Fairy Unicorns books by Zanna Davidson

Fairy Ponies Books: If your child needs an escape from reality during these turbulent times, go on a visit to Aunt May’s house to find the magic of the fairy ponies. With seven books in the series, it can keep young readers mesmerized as they join the adventures of Holly and Fairy Pony Island.

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