Magic School Bus Science Kits

Magic School Bus Science Kit Attracted to Magnificent Magnets box front

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Get Onboard the Science Bus

Magic School Bus Science Kit Attracted to Magnificent Magnets box front

  • What: Magic School Bus Science Kits
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining and educational
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a kid who loves the Magic School Bus series of books? Looking to supplement your child’s online learning this fall? Want to encourage your kids to explore science, without adding another lesson and worksheets to their day? Grab a Magic School Bus Science Kit to bring exploration to life.

The Magic School Bus Exploring Oceans Science Kit on Amazon

Each kit includes a variety of hands-on activities as well as most of the supplies your child will need to conduct their own experiments. It also comes with a guidebook with detailed instructions for each experiment, and places for kids to record their hypothesis and results. Kids can do most of the activities on their own (if they can read the instructions), in any order, though they tend to build upon earlier lessons in the manual. You might need to supplement supplies with basic household staples, like bowls, tape, or water, but you shouldn’t need to shop for anything. That means kids can play and learn almost anytime, with minimal prep.

Magic School Bus Science Kit Attracted to Magnificent Magnets mat box and
Our magnet kit came with a mat, manual, box, and supplies for experiments.

These kits come in many different themes, like rainbows, oceans, electricity, and chemistry. You can even sign up for the Magic School Bus Science Club to receive a different kit each month. Children will recognize Ms. Frizzle and the members of her class in the frequent illustrations in these activity books. We have the magnet set, which includes projects like building a compass and making magnetic slime. Each kit comes with the necessary ingredients for activities, a 20 page guide to experiments and exploring, and a box to corral supplies. 

The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets science kit for kids materials included page
Our kit came with all these pieces to do 12 different experiments.

If you’ve exhausted the options in 50 Science Projects for Kids or 365 Simple Science Experiments, or if you want a science experiment that includes the necessary materials, look no further than the Magic School Bus Science Kits.

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