Calendar Project

Create Your Own ScheduleOctober handmade calendar by five year old child with handwritten numbers

  • What: Make your own calendar
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, useful
  • Where: At home

Need a good art project that also incorporates learning for your young child? If your kid can’t attend school in person yet, and you want an educational project for them, try having them make their own calendar.

Child's homemade calendar September 2020
Kids can add the numbers and color the name of the month for an easy and educational project.

You can make this project as complex or as simple as you want. For the youngest kids, provide a sheet of paper with boxes already printed or drawn onto it. Older kids can create their own grid of boxes by measuring and dividing the page into equal squares. Try having them make five rows with seven boxes in each row to give plenty of room for adding dates, and don’t forget to leave room to add the month at the top (or bottom or side).

Five year old kid homemade calendar September 2020 with decorations
My son made his own calendar by filling in the numbers, tracing them, coloring the month title, and decorating the extra space.

Once your child has the grid ready to go, they can write the dates in each box. Kids get great practice with counting, handwriting, and forming numbers as they sequence from the first day of the month until the last. They also get practice with how many days in each month. Try writing the dates in pencil to start. Kids can then make corrections and go over their numbers with crayons, markers, or even paint.

Child's artwork including October 2020 calendar
October got bigger art of a haunted house added to the calendar to go with this month’s theme.

Once they complete their calendar, they can add decorations. An oversized piece of construction paper or two standard pieces taped together makes a great background. Kids can draw directly onto the paper or glue a drawing like a straw painting or tracing designs onto the extra space.

Kids can use this calendar, too. Have them write important dates in any leftover room, like Grandma’s birthday, virtual meetings, or upcoming holidays, then hang the final product somewhere everyone can admire their handiwork. 

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