Lego Set with Magnets

Lego helicopter lifting armored vehicle with magnet bricks

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Stick Together with Bricks

Lego helicopter police chase play set showing magnet attached to chain
  • What: Lego City Police Helicopter Chase Set
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Lots of vehicles plus magnets
  • Where: Amazon

Want to take your child’s Lego experience to the next level? Kick it up a notch by adding this Lego City Police Helicopter Chase Set with magnets, which includes several magnets built into the bricks.

Lego City Helicopter Chase Set on Amazon

I love this set because it includes a helicopter, a truck, an ATV, and a motorcycle. It makes a great first non-Duplo Lego set for budding enthusiasts, because it gives them so many options for playing after the building fun ends. But this set goes one step further. The helicopter includes a half dollar-sized magnet on the end of a chain. Another magnet set into the back of the truck attaches the two vehicles together anytime the magnets come into close proximity with each other.

Lego helicopter police chase set with ATV motorcycle and armored vehicle
This set includes four different types of vehicles.

But you can use the magnets separately as well. Kids can practice swinging the chain to see how close they need to get before the magnets click together. They can also attach either magnet to other Lego bricks, or put all sorts of things inside the magnet-topped box. Add a little STEM to their play, and let them explore how heavy a load the helicopter can lift, or what other household items or toys might stick to either magnet. (Hint: Magna-Tiles work great as an accessory to this set.)

Lego helicopter police chase set magnet chain lifting armored vehicle
The attached magnets can lift the vehicle into the air.

No matter how your child chooses to play, you can’t go wrong with this Lego City Police Helicopter Chase Set. From the variety of vehicles to the attraction of magnets, these bricks provide hours of play and learning.

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