Birthday Balloon Blast

Balloons attached to kid's bedroom door for birthday surprise

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Blow Up A Big SurpriseBalloons attached to kid's bedroom door for birthday surprise

  • What: Birthday Balloon Blast
  • When: 2 to 99 years
  • Why: Easy and delightful
  • Where: At home

Need a little extra fun and surprise for your child’s next birthday? If you want to add to the celebration without risk of contracting any virus, try a birthday balloon blast.

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All you need to make this work is a bunch of balloons, tape, and some paper streamers. Inflate the balloons (around 25 will cover a standard doorway with a few extras in case any pop), and get your materials to the door. Then, starting from the bottom, line up the balloons along the floor. Secure them in place with a streamer attached on either side with tape. Work your way up the door until you have it covered (or until you run out of balloons, time, or energy). 

Ten year old kid opening door to cascade of birthday balloons falling
My son opening the door to a big balloon surprise as they all fall inward onto him.

This trick only works for doors that open inward if you add the balloons on the outer side of the door. Then when the person inside opens the door, the balloons cascade down over them. It can be quite the surprise, so make sure you know your child. One of my kids would cry if he opened his bedroom door to this unexpected surprise, but my oldest son liked it. 

Child surprised by birthday balloon blast when opening bedroom door
You can serve up a big surprise with minimal supplies.

If you need a quick and easy way to surprise someone, this trick takes less than half an hour to put in place. Most of that time goes into blowing up balloons, though I freely admit  I used a balloon pump to make quicker work of that step.

Happy celebrating!

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