Building Better Brick Airplanes

COBI Historical Collections building bricks toys De Havilland airplane model

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Historical Flyers Brought to Life

COBI Historical Collections building bricks toys De Havilland airplane model

  • What: COBI Historical Collection Building Brick Airplanes
  • When: 7 to 15 years
  • Why: Fun, more affordable, realistic
  • Where: Amazon

I love LEGO, almost as much as my kids and husband. My oldest son has been obsessed with airplanes since before he could talk, and at age ten, that hasn’t changed. We own three different big airplanes made by LEGO (two passenger jets and one cargo plane), and many smaller ones.


COBI Historical Collection De Havilland Plane on Amazon

But for his recent birthday, he got not one but three different planes from the COBI Historical Collection. I’d never heard of COBI, but these building blocks work with other major brands, like LEGO. Yet the finished plane looks super sleek, even more so than the LEGO versions (which don’t offer any sort of historical models anyway). 

COBI historical collection De Havilland airplane model instruction booklet open to step 45
The instruction manual has illustrated steps.

The included instruction manuals work just like those from other brick companies, with detailed illustrated instructions that don’t require any reading (or text in multiple languages). The bricks from the previous steps will appear grayed out on the next step, which can be a bit confusing until you realize that. But it does make it easier to focus on the pieces added in each step. The historical collection includes stickers to add for authenticity, but even without any decals, these planes look great once assembled. 

COBI Historical Collection Vickers Wellington MK model airplane building bricks set toy for kids
The pieces work with other building brick sets, too.

COBI offers a wide range of historical aircraft, which delights my son to no end. They also have more modern planes, like multiple Boeing models. No matter what kind of aircraft your child loves, take a look at this brick maker and see their lineup. The lower price point and high quality construction make them super appealing for both parents and kids.

COBI Historical Collection De Havilland building brick set toy assembled
My son’s De Havilland looks super spiffy, even without the included decal stickers.

If you need a gift for a child who loves building and aircraft, or any World War II enthusiast, consider a COBI model airplane.

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