Harry Potter Origami

Mrs. Norris paper origami Harry Potter folded paper project for kids

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Magically Fold Favorite Characters

Harry Potter origami book and Mrs. Norris sorting hat and cauldron completed folded paper projects
  • What: Harry Potter Origami
  • When: 7 years and up
  • Why: Creative, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Got a child who can’t get enough Harry Potter? Need to keep kids busy and quiet without resorting to electronics? If you want your child to explore a new art form while indulging their love for Potterdom, look no further than Harry Potter Origami.

Harry Potter Origami activity book on Amazon

This activity book for older kids comes stocked with fifteen folding projects that kids can complete. Each one ranges in difficulty from easy (one lightning bolt) to difficult (four lightning bolts), and includes favorites like Hedwig, Quidditch, and even the Hogwarts Castle.

Fluffy Harry Potter origami folded paper project for kids instructions and final photo
Each project includes special folding paper and detailed illustrated instructions.

It works as a great introduction to the art of origami, with detailed pages on basic folds. It also entertains those who have completed folding paper projects previously. No matter the experience level, every Potter fan can find something in these pages, which include step by step illustrated instructions.

Eight year old child cutting out paper for Mrs. Norris Filch's cat Harry Potter origami
Kids can work their way up from easy to difficult folded creations.

Psst? Got a Star Wars fan, too? You can also make Star Wars Origami.

Just add tape and scissors and get kids started on these easy paper crafts. Then enjoy the magical creations they produce.

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