COVID-19 Candy Chutes

COVID-19 candy chute black pipe with individual sized candy inside Halloween trick or treating

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Deliver Candy, Not Germs

COVID-19 candy chute black pipe with individual sized candy inside Halloween trick or treating
  • What: COVID-19 candy chutes
  • When: Trick or treating
  • Why: Add distance and keep the fun
  • Where: At home

Want to celebrate Halloween and embrace trick or treating without incurring the risk of a contagious virus? Enter the candy chute.

Twix individual trick or treating candy inside black pipe candy slide social distance friendly celebrating
We used a black pipe to distribute candy from a safe distance.

While I haven’t found any retailers taking advantage of this socially distant idea for distributing candy, you can easily craft your own. You only need a few key materials. Even a piece of gutter material (useful for entertaining kids for lots of water play and car races in warmer months) can make sure you and the beasts who come calling don’t get closer than six feet.

Black pipe, connector, and 45 degree curve at home improvement store
We used two black pipes and a simple connector to cover the distance from our elevated front porch to street level.

We had a distance of 20 feet to cover, thanks to our porch well above street level, so we took a trip to the local hardware store. We got two sections of ten-foot long two-inch diameter pipe, a two-inch connector, and even an angled connector to make it extra fancy, all for about $10. Then we simply connect the two pipes and put them in place. Two-inch diameter pipes fit most individual sizes of candy, and the closed circumference insures the candy won’t fly off en route to its destination (and in case of inclement weather, candy stays dry). With a less steep slope, or shorter distance, you could easily have an open chute made from whatever’s handy, from the kid’s slide to cardboard. 

Even if you stay home, kids can enjoy sliding the candy to anyone who ventures out. No matter which material you choose, consider installing a candy slide to make the occasion more fun for everyone involved while adding extra distance.

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