Bedazzle Your Pumpkin

Small pumpkin decorated with adhesive rhinestone stickers in shape of letter B

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Add a Little Sparkle to the DecorSmall pumpkin decorated with adhesive rhinestone stickers in shape of letter B

  • What: Easy pumpkin decorating
  • When: Any time in October
  • Why: Easy, no sharp utensils required, long lasting
  • Where: At home

Whether you need an easy last minute pumpkin decorating idea, or you also hesitate to arm your enthusiastic child with a sharp knife, try decorating a pumpkin with adhesive rhinestone stickers.

AllyDrew 6mm Crystal Adhesive Rhinestones 500 count on Amazon

You can get these tiny stickers in a variety of colors and sizes. We used 6mm black ones in keeping with the Halloween theme, but the sky’s the limit with your child’s creativity. Make faces, use the stickers to form letters, or just decorate however the mood strikes you. If you want to go the extra step, you can spell out a word using one letter per pumpkin, then display the finished product on steps, along a table, or anywhere else you and others can admire your handiwork.

Stuffed sloth from Build a Bear wearing pumpkin costume holding pumpkin decorated with black adhesive rhinestone stickers
Kids of almost any age can do this easy pumpkin decorating craft.

Why stick to one method of decorating when you can bedazzle a carved pumpkin, too? Try adding stickers around the edges of a carving, so your child’s jack-o’-lantern shines day or night. 

As an added bonus, uncarved pumpkins don’t rot as fast, so you can enjoy the decor longer, with less concern about the pumpkin melting into a pulpy mass, or lighting unintended things on fire. Whether you choose to use adhesive rhinestone stickers alone or with other decorating methods, you can enjoy the bling as the days get darker.

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