Happy Halloween 2020 Style

Pumpkin in front of Mt. Si Washington state

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Happy HauntingSmall real pumpkin surrounded by miniature fake plastic pumpkins and one miniature homemade felted jack-o'-lantern

  • What: Happy Halloween
  • When: October 31st, 2020
  • Why: Best wishes to you
  • Where: At home

Whether your child has been steadfastly caring for her pumpkin by giving it bandaids and brushing it daily with lip gloss, or they’ve enjoyed building candy chutes and crafting costumes with face masks, we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating tomorrow’s holiday safely.

Pumpkin in front of Mt. Si Washington state

From fantastical creatures, fuzzy animals, and funny characters, here’s to a happy Halloween in 2020, a day where you and your child can be anything you want.

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