Oh Brother, Oh Sister Book

Oh Brother Oh Sister book by Brooks Whitney

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Oh Brother Oh Sister book by Brooks Whitney
  • What: Oh Brother, Oh Sister Book
  • When: 8 to 12 years 
  • Why: Reduce friction between siblings
  • Where: Amazon

Do you have a copy of Oh Brother, Oh Sister by Brooks Whitney? If not, I highly recommend this nonfiction narrative about getting along with siblings.

Oh Brother, Oh Sister book on Amazon

Whether you have boys, girls, or some of both, you can’t go wrong with this picture book. I’d even say adults can enjoy it as well, whether they come from big families or small. No matter what your sibling status, this book offers something for everyone. From birth order tidbits to annoying habits of siblings, this book helps identify the big feelings sharing space (and parents) inspires. It also offers lots of helpful hints for dealing with different sibling issues, from annoyances, embarrassment, fairness, and even sharing a room.

This book covers everything related to siblings.

Want to find out how well you know your brother or sister? Take the quiz and see if you can answer the questions the same way they did. Looking for a way to apologize? You can find ways to get started tucked inside these pages. Got a tattletale on your hands? Kids can learn which situations call for adult assistance and when they can solve their own issues. My kids read this book themselves multiple times. Then one morning, they surprised us with a lounge, complete with full service breakfast served on trays. I still remember the joy and delight it brought everyone, and they got the idea from this book. If that’s not a glowing recommendation, I don’t know what is.

Child carrying tray with apple and drink while parents lounge inside
Our kids surprised us with a “tropical lounge” one morning after reading this book.

No matter what issue crops up, this book offers a lighthearted review of why siblings matter. It covers both the good and the bad, and comes with easy things kids can do to make life more pleasant for everyone. While we’re all stuck together more often than not these days, smooth the sibling waters with this easy read.

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