Best of October 2020

Clue Junior board game for kids, football peg game, black child's face mask

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Clues and CostumesBest of October 2020 1

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  • When: October 2020
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It’s no surprise that October’s most popular posts included Halloween costume ideas. Readers also spent plenty of time reading about games, from substitute for fall sports like football to ways to keep kids entertained without more screen time. If you didn’t get a chance to read them last month, here’s your chance to check out these posts now.

Child dressed up in ninja costume with black face mask

Costumes That Incorporate Face Masks: Don’t let a face mask requirement ruin your little one’s dress up dreams. These easy costume ideas incorporate face masks, most of which can be used well past the end of October.

Clue Junior game for kids in box

Clue Junior: Looking to add a little mystery to your child’s life? Try this junior version of the popular Clue classic board game. Kids can move characters like Colonel Mustard around the board to collect information. Then they mark off what they learn on pictorial sheets listing all the options, meaning kids need minimal reading skills and only rudimentary number recognition to play. 

Wooden football peg game with red blue and green pegs in board

Football Peg Game: If local restrictions mean you can’t support your favorite team this fall, grab a copy of this tiny action-packed game. Roll the dice to determine the play and see who scores the most. This game works well for on the go fun or sitting at home entertainment.

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