Army Men Toys

Tiny Troopers Army Men Big Battle Drum Playset close up of toy soldier figures

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Little Green Men and More

Tiny Troopers

  • What: Tiny Troopers Big Battle Drum Playset
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, plentiful, easy to store
  • Where: Amazon

If you’ve got offspring who love to battle, or want to spice up a history lesson, grab a Tiny Troopers Big Battle Drum of little army men. 

Tiny Troopers Army Men Big Battle Drum Playset on Amazon

This big set comes with 260 pieces in four different colors, so kids can stage large scale attacks with multiple players. Let the armies wage war with 50 figures in each of the four colors. Use the scenery pieces, like barbed wire fences and sandbags, to set up cover. Then bring in the big guns with boats, planes, and tanks to support the infantry. This set even includes a two by two and half foot play mat printed with water, beach, and greenery to up the action. Best of all, everything fits back into the cylindrical container, so when the fun ends, clean up is a breeze.

Tiny Troopers Big Battle Drum Army Men Playset play mat spread out with tanks, airplanes, boats, and
This set includes a play mat to set the stage.

My ten year old son got this big battle drum as a gift from his younger brother, and he enjoys setting up the figures and planning his war strategy. These figures also make great party favors, or cake decorations to bring the action-packed drama to the next level. Stuck learning at home? Bring the biggest battles to life with these toy soldiers and let kids get a feel for what really happened. No matter how your kids choose to use them, they can enjoy hours of play.

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