Count Your Chickens Game

Count Your Chickens mother hen on board in front of box cooperative board game for young kids by Peaceable Kingdom

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Get the Chicks to the Coop

Count Your Chickens mother hen on board in front of box

  • What: Count Your Chickens game
  • When: 3 to 7 years
  • Why: Fun, quick, easy to learn
  • Where: Amazon

If your child dreams of living on a farm, give them the full farm experience with this Count Your Chickens game.

Count Your Chickens game on Amazon

This cooperative game makes it easy for kids to learn and follow the rules. Players work together to capture the escaped chicks along the route and return them to the mother hen. Use the included spinner printed with various farm inhabitants.

Count Your Chickens cooperative board game for young kids spinner with pig, dog, sheep, cow, fox, and tractor
Use the spinner to match images and move along the track towards the coop.

Players take turns spinning the arrow, then count the number of spaces they travel. Collect the same number of chicks as spaces moved, and try and get all 40 little balls of fluff back to the coop before reaching the end of the track. But watch out! The fox lurks on the spinner, too. Land on this rascal and return one chick to the board.

Count Your Chickens cooperative board game for young kids toddlers preschoolers by Peaceable Kingdom
Each player moves the mother hen further along the track to gather chicks and reach the coop.

With the directions printed directly on the box lid, it means you don’t have to worry about losing the instructions. This game also promotes cooperation among players, and makes it easy for young kids to succeed. It requires zero literacy skills and builds counting skills in both the movement of pieces along the track and rounding up little chick tokens. Better yet, the entire game comes printed on recycled materials, from the cardboard to the plastic pieces, so you can feel good about getting or giving this board game for young kids.

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