Brick Jungle 

Jungle Forest Garden Park building brick set by Yamix with alligator giraffe rhino parrots and more

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Build Your Own Habitat

Jungle Forest Garden Park building brick set by Yamix with alligator giraffe rhino parrots and more

  • What: Yamix Jungle Garden Forest Park Brick Set
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Packed with brick accessories, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child love animals? Can they spend hours creating imaginary scenes with Lego type building bricks? If your kids also get frustrated by the minimal number of animals that come with any Lego set, take a closer look at this Jungle Garden Forest Park Set by Yamix.

Jungle Garden Forest Park Brick Set on Amazon

This big offbrand set includes many animals, from small parrots and fish to bigger game, like a giraffe, rhino, and alligator. With two base plates printed in blue, green, and tan, kids can connect and build in a variety of ways. The set also includes a multitude of greenery pieces, from grass, leaves, rocks, and branches, so they can design the ultimate jungle habitat. 

Three kids playing with Jungle Forest Garden Park brick building set offbrand Lego by Yamix
All three of my kids, ages six, eight, and ten, loved this jungle set.

While the set doesn’t come with many basic building blocks, it works well with Lego and other building brick brands. If you want to increase the number of accessory pieces in your child’s brick collection, this set offers a more affordable and diverse alternative that isn’t specific to any commercial characters such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Mario, Superman, Ninjago, or others.

Child adding pieces to jungle forest garden park building brick play set
My kids couldn’t wait to start building with all these accessory pieces.

My son spied this set online and received it for his sixth birthday. All three of my kids love setting up the scene with all the animals and plants, and they regularly use the pieces in their other creations as well. If you’re looking to expand your zoo of building brick animals, grab one of these sets.

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