Original Fabricated Gifts

Make Something UniqueSock Monkey and friends kit, Make It Real Unicorn hoodie blanket kit Alex Loopies plush cat stuffed animal kit, Tulip tie dye instructions booklet

  • What: Original Homemade Crafts
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, unique, creative
  • Where: At home

Want to get your kids into the gift giving spirit without breaking the bank? Maybe you would like some projects that they can return to over and over again to fill in some hours, and also result in one of a kind article of clothing or stuffed animal. Let kids create their own unique gifts with one of these fabric craft projects.

Alex Loopies plush cat gato stuffed animal making kit

Loopies Plush: Kids use a broad needle, similar to crocheting, to pull loops of thick yarn through the mesh and create a unique pet. These kits come in a variety of different animals to choose from, including a cat, panda, and unicorn. Attach eyes and other features with the same technique, and then let your kids decide if they want to keep or gift their newest creation.

Make It Real unicorn hoodie blanket felt fabric arts and crafts kit for kids

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket: This no-sew kit works by tying knots in fleece fabric. Kids use the precut fabric and easy illustrated instructions to create a one size fits all unicorn hoodie that doubles as a blanket. With simple steps and a final product that works for anyone who loves unicorns, regardless of age, your child can’t go wrong working on this craft project.

Sock monkey and friends arts and craft sewing kit

Sock Animals: For the more advanced crafter, this sewing kit turns socks into a variety of stuffed pets. It comes with materials to make one critter, but you can add extra socks, stuffing, and other materials like thread and eyes to make nine different animals. Each pet comes with its own instructions, and requires sewing. The book also teaches basic sewing stitches, so no one needs to know how to sew before beginning these stuffed creations.

Tulip tie dye party kit project guide with different designs

Tie Dye: If you want more clothing or linen options to give a personal touch, look no further than this tie dye kit. It includes a multitude of colors, and works on almost any type of light colored fabric. The easy to follow instructions give a variety of different techniques to create many designs. Kids can add their own touch to shirts, pants, socks, linens, and whatever else they’d like. All you need to provide is the fabric of your choice. The kit contains everything else they’ll need to turn out brightly colored unique gifts.

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