Bed Bugs Game

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs EscapeBed Bugs game by Hasbro bed with

  • What: Bed Bugs game
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to play, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Don’t let the bed bugs bite in this bug catching game for young kids. Grab a copy of Bed Bugs for your little bug catchers and get all the fun of capturing the tiny critters with none of the mess of live bugs.

Bed Bugs Game on Amazon

Two or three players ages three and up can compete to catch the most bugs. The game comes with a cardboard playing surface printed to look like bed coverings. You’ll need to attach the red plastic headboard and footboard to the bed frame the first time out of the box.

Green plastic bed bug from Hasbro game shown close up held be tweezers over bed with other bugs on it
The tiny plastic bed bugs are hollow, so kids can pick them up by the edges or in their entirety.

Then simply add the 36 tiny plastic bed bugs, 12 each in yellow, green, and blue. Grab a pair of oversized tweezers in one of the three colors, and turn the switch on to activate the fun. The bugs will hop and jostle around on the vibrating surface while kids try to capture them. The first person to collect all twelve bugs in their color wins. 

Bed Bugs game by Hasbro set up with tweezers beside and box behind bed
The game comes with all the pieces you see here.

Though this game recommends two or three players, kids can practice on their own, too, with less pressure to hurry. While playing the game requires zero literacy skills, using the tongs helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination, as well as their patience. Kids can also practice counting up to twelve to see how many bugs they captured. The bed does make a fair amount of noise when playing, so don’t count on quiet time with this game in action. If you get this game as a gift for a child, don’t forget to buy batteries, too. The game requires two size C batteries that don’t come included, and the fun can’t start until the bed works.

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