Owl Diaries

Owl Diaries Trip to the Pumpkin Farm by Rebecca Elliott

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Make Reading a Hoot

Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott Trip to the Pumpkin Farm book number eleven 11
  • What: Owl Diaries
  • When: 4 to 9 years
  • Why: Fun, affordable, lots of books
  • Where: Amazon

If your kids can’t wait for the next installment of Unicorn Diaries due next year, try Owl Diaries to tide them over. Written by Rebecca Elliott, the same author who penned the fabulous Bo the Brave, Owl Diaries offers more books to keep kids reading and loving it.

Eva’s Treetop Festival Owl Diaries Book #1 on Amazon

Eva Wingdale lives in Treetopolis, and her diary chronicles all the things she loves (making stuff, the color red, and more) and the things she can’t stand. Each book tells the tale of her different adventures, from completing projects on time, finding missing jewelry, and the school camping trip. Written in the style of a diary on lined pages with frequent brightly colored illustrations, these books work great for emerging readers. Their lightweight size makes them great for carrying in backpacks and for traveling, and you can pack several without weighing kids down.

Page spread from Owl Diaries Trip to the Pumpkin Farm book number eleven by Rebecca Elliott
The pages have large text with lots of colorful illustrations.

With thirteen different titles (and the fourteenth coming early next year) to choose from, kids can read the books from start to finish or pick them up in any order. You can buy these books individually or grab a set of five by choosing either books one to five or six to ten. If you know your kids will love them, buy a collection of the first twelve books all together.

Owl Diaries Twelve Book Set on Amazon

No matter how many you buy at a time, your kids can enjoy the antics of Eva the owl while giving flight to their love for reading.

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