Happy Turkey Day 2020

Gobble Up What You’ve GotSix week old infant wearing baby's first thanksgiving bib with turkey

  • What: Happy Thanksgiving
  • When: November 26
  • Why: Count your blessings
  • Where: At home

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a big meal outside this year? Battling the elements to keep the turkey warm? Maybe you’re getting together with family and friends virtually as you each enjoy the fruits of your own cooking. Perhaps you’re staying close to home with only the members of your own household. While Thanksgiving may look and feel a little different this year, we can all use a reminder to give thanks for what you have instead of focusing on what’s missing.

Kids table at Thanksgiving dinner with food and leaves decorating table
We’re thankful for plentiful food.

No matter what your Thanksgiving looks like this month, or where the holiday finds you during this tumultuous year, best wishes for all the blessings in your life, from our family to yours.

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