Gear Up for the Outdoors

Child in raincoat digging in sand next to lake on rainy day

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Get Ready and Get Outside

Child in raincoat digging in sand next to

  • What: Outdoor Gear for Kids
  • When: Inclement weather
  • Why: Keep kids cozy
  • Where: Amazon

With the holidays looking a little different thanks to the pandemic this year, we’re eschewing the traditional indoor holiday sales and spending our family time outdoors. While many retail stores, like REI, close their doors today to encourage patrons to get outside, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful outdoor gear for kids. If you need to outfit your child for colder, wetter winter weather, look no further than these outstanding contenders.

Hatley Fuzzy Fleece jackets in a stack in red blue and pink

Hatley Fleece: We adore our Hatley fleeces. Not only do they look irresistible, they stay super soft and fuzzy even after many washes and multiple children. Kids love the fun designs and soft materials, and parents love the high quality and durability of these incomparable fleece layers for kids.

Columbia Kids Powder Lite girls puffer jacket white with purple trim hood front pockets

Columbia Puffer Jackets: If you want a lightweight but heavy duty jacket for kids, you can’t go wrong with Columbia’s Puffer Jackets. They pack a lot of punch in a lightweight synthetic material that resists water and insulates kids from cold temperatures. They work great for traveling, as an outer layer for milder winter conditions, or as a middle layer to add warmth under a rain coat or snowsuit.

Hatley rain jacket coat size 8 boys orange towel lining cars print

Hatley Rain Jackets: These adorable raincoats not only look great but keep kids dry. You can choose from tons of cute patterns and bright colors. These jackets also come lined with a towel-like fleece, just in case any moisture gets through the tough waterproof outer layer. My son still wears his Hatley raincoat every day for four or more hours in rainy weather, and it works to keep him nice and dry.

Columbia Kids outgrown system label snow clothes jacket

Columbia Outgrown Snow Suits: If your kid grows from one week to the next, but you still need to keep them warm and dry, look no further than Columbia’s Outgrown system. This feature allows parents to remove a string and lengthen coat sleeves and pant legs once their kid gets bigger. Combined with the adjustable straps on overalls, the system gives you a ton of adjustment to get the right fit for almost any kid. 

Smartwool toddler wool insulating socks in pink with blue stripes, toe, and heel

Warm Socks: Don’t forget about little feet! Non-cotton socks are a must to keep little feet warm in less optimal conditions. Whether you hit the beach for some frosty waves, splash through puddles, or tunnel in the snow, keep kids’ toes toasty in non-cotton socks, like Farm to Feet, Smart Wool, or Darn Tough.

Norty light up rubber rain boots for kids in blue with unicorn and rainbow print

Norty Rain Boots: If you want a pair of rain boots that won’t break the bank, look no further than Norty. With their easy online ordering and delivery via Amazon, you won’t even have to leave the house to score a pair of rain boots your kids will love. They offer a wide variety of colors and patterns, and some even have light up soles to seal the deal.

Two pairs of pink kids snow boots lined up on hardwood floor CG Kids and Champion Thermalite with Velcro

Snow Boots: You can find a variety of solid choices in the snow boot department. Whether you prefer Velcro or zippers on your little one’s feet in snowy weather, you can get something to suit everyone.

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots in bright yellow with white toe and soleon wooden porch

Crocs Bump It Rain Boots: You can’t get more solid than Crocs Bump It Boots. With one easy handle at the back of the boot, these plastic boots for kids last. We’ve had several pairs go through multiple kids without any holes, cracks, or water sneaking in. They come molded in one big piece, which means less seams to wear out.

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