Online Entertainment for Kids

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Educational Screen TimeChild looking at PBS kids on computer screen

  • What: Online Entertainment for Kids
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Keep kids busy and learning
  • Where: At home

Here at Practically Apparent we love ways to keep kids entertained without electronics. But even we understand sometimes parents need to use online resources, so we’re here to help.In case you want to keep the kids entertained while you shop for the best deals online, we’ve rounded up the best online resources for kids that will keep them entertained and learning.

Epic books for kids logo

Epic Books: Epic Books offers an easy way to encourage kids to read. With thousands of titles to choose from, and original tales to boot, kids can find books for almost any interest. Epic also offers audio books for kids who haven’t mastered reading or want a break from reading on the screen.

Osmo logo and screen

Osmo: Osmo makes a wide variety of educational materials for kids. You’ll need a starter pack to get set up, and booster packs come in a wide variety of skills to practice. We love the Tangram and Words for the youngest players, and Coding for older students.

PBS Kids logo with child head and PBS in thought bubble with kids pointing up at it on blue background

PBS Kids: PBS Kids features a ton of games and activities with kids’ beloved characters from their favorite shows. From Daniel Tiger to Wild Kratts, their videos and games can keep kids entertained for hours on end. The only problem is getting kids away from the computer, because they never seem to get enough.

Toca Boca logo

Toca Boca Apps: Toca makes a wide variety of apps suited to kids’ interests, from farm to kitchen to pets, school, and hospital. Take a peek at the full list of apps available on Common Sense Media  or search your app store to see what’s available. logo

Coding for Kids: This non-profit provides coding activities so kids can learn to code at almost any age. Sign up for free lessons using basic coding principles in a visual format friendly for kids. Once kids master the basics, they can solve even more challenges with advanced tools that work well past childhood to give them an edge in education.

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