Leaf Sun Catcher

Homemade leaf sun catcher craft made by six year old

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Autumn Decor Made Easy

Leaf Sun Catcher 2

  • What: Leaf sun catcher for kids
  • When: Fall
  • Why: Fun, easy, inexpensive
  • Where: At home

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably noticed the seasons changing. With leaves dusting the ground in red, yellow, and orange, let your kids embrace the season with this simple autumn craft project.

Leaf sun catcher craft supplies: cheese grater, iron, wax paper, hole punch, crayon bits, leaves
You can find everything you need in household supplies to make this sun catcher.

This leaf sun catcher requires basic household items plus a collection of fallen leaves. You’ll need wax paper, crayons (old one work great), a grater, and an iron. If you want to go the extra step, you can also gather a hole punch and some ribbon scraps. Let kids go on a hunt for leaves that appeal to them. A variety of shapes and colors in leaves works just as well as all of the same type, so they can use whatever they find.

crayon melted with iron between sheets of wax paper
The crayon melts to create lovely patterns.

Tear off two sheets of wax paper the same size. Lay the leaves on top of one sheet. (Dry leaves work best for this, so you may need to towel them off beforehand.) Using the grater, shred crayon bits on top of the leaves and paper. It doesn’t matter where the bits go, and the more the merrier. Once you have enough, lay the other piece of wax paper on top, and use the iron to melt the crayon wax and stick it all together.

leaf sun catcher project kid craft
Use a hole punch and tie ribbons along the edge for extra pizazz.

Once it cools, kids can use a hole punch around the edges. They can tie or lace ribbons as streamers for extra decorations. This project makes a great way to use up old crayons and ribbon odds and ends, as well as keep kids entertained for a rainy afternoon. Younger kids love using grown up tools like the grater and iron, and can easily do the project with some supervision. 

Tape the finished project to any window and enjoy the colors through the transparent paper. Even without any sunshine, this project is sure to brighten your home and spirits during the longer winter hours.

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