Zoey and Sassafras Books

Zoey and Sassafras books Grumplets and Pests and The Pod and the Bog

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Magical Mystery Exploration

Zoey and Sassafras book Grumplets and Pests kids chapter book by Asia Citro
  • What: Zoey and Sassafras books
  • When: 5 to 10 years
  • Why: Scientific and fun
  • Where: Amazon or Zoey and Sassafras

Looking to spice up your kids’ reading with some fantastic adventures? Meet Zoey and Sassafras in this series by Asia Citro. 

Dragons and Marshmallows book on Amazon

Zoey lives a charmed life where she and her pet cat, Sassafras, help magical creatures through scientific experiments. In the first book, Dragons and Marshmallows, she learns that her barn has a magical portal which transports injured creatures to her doorstep. She and Sassafras then have to figure out the problem and the solution. Each book brings a new type of creature and more educated guesses on how to help them.

Zoey and Sassafras make science friendly for kids, with a dash of magic for good measure.

With big text and frequent illustrations, these books work great for emerging readers. Younger kids also enjoy listening to the tales read out loud. Each book runs around 100 pages, and has lots of chapters. They also include a glossary at the end for definitions of the more technical terms, like larva or species, depending upon the exact science subject for that book.

With eight books to choose from, you can buy books singly, and while they can be read in any order, they make more sense working through the series from start to finish. You can also get a set of the first six books to get your child started. 

Zoey and Sassafras book by Asia Citro back cover with other book covers pictured
Choose from eight different tales in this series.

Want to take the enjoyment further? The website offers  both printables and activities to pair with each title. Your child can read the book then make some deductions of their own inspired by Zoey. Enjoy the next magical scientific discovery with Zoey and Sassafras and their friends.

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