Light Up Sports Balls

Glowcity light up soccer ball kids size 5 black and orange

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Brighten Your Game

Glowcity light up soccer ball kids size 5 black and orange

  • What: Light Up Sports Balls
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Expand play time, durable
  • Where: Amazon

As the nights get longer and day shorter, it gets harder to get kids outside to run off some spare energy. If your child needs some extra inspiration to stay outside as the light dwindles, check out these light up balls from Glowcity.

Glowcity Light Up LED Soccer Ball on Amazon

Despite its black color, this soccer ball works wonders in low light conditions. When kids kick or throw it, the orange hexagons light up. It makes going outside or staying late at the park more appealing for everyone playing. Kids love the extra light up feature, and parents will appreciate how long the lights last. You can get a Glowcity ball for soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball.

Kids playing with glowcity light up soccer ball in black and orange on brick patio at dusk
Our soccer ball still glows even after several years.

We’ve had our ball for years, and it still works. With its impact activated switch, the light doesn’t waste energy when not in action. My kids enjoy kicking it around in the backyard or at the park. They would love to kick it inside with the lights off as well, but that isn’t allowed in our household. While you can replace the batteries, we haven’t had to do that yet. That means this ball makes a great gift to light up their play, or as a holiday gift. 

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