More Card Games for Kids

Card games for kids Dragonwood Old Maid Set and standard deck of cards for Nifty 50

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Big Fun in Small Packages

card games for kids Dragonwood Set Old Maid and

  • What: More card games for kids
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Fun, easy to learn, compact 
  • Where: Amazon

Have you exhausted old favorites like Fairy Queen and Uno? Looking for more easy to play yet compact card games to entertain your kids? Check out these selections to keep kids playing at home or on the go without the bulky boxes.

Old Maid card game in box from eeboo

Old Maid: This classic game works for a wide variety of ages. Split the deck of cards evenly between all participants. Players then take turns laying down matches, and plucking cards from their neighbor to try and match more cards. But beware! End up with the single Old Maid card that can’t be matched, and you lose the game.

Se card game box and set of squiggles laid out one empty purple two solid green and three striped red ones

Set: Whether you stick with the simpler Junior version or move on to the full Set game, kids and grown ups alike can enjoy this game of collecting cards. Match or differentiate each attribute (color, shape, number, and fill in the full version) of any three cards to create a set. Collect the most sets of cards to win.

Dragonwood card game for kids in box

Dragonwood: Use the cards to collect fantasy creatures and increase your chances of victory. Players compete against one another using math skills and the cards in their hands to capture creatures laid out. Get enhancements to increase your chances. Once both dragons have been captured, play ends and each player totals their points to determine the winner.

Nifty 50 card game standard deck of cards laid out to form 84 subtract 31

Nifty 50: All you need for this math game is a stack of regular playing cards. Split the deck evenly between players. Each player lays four cards face up in front of them, then arranges them so they form two double digit numbers. Aces count as zeros, and tens, jacks, queens, and kings all act as ones. Add or subtract the two digit numbers to get as close to the number 50 as possible. Earn one point for being the closest person to 50, and get two points if you can get an answer of exactly 50. The player with the most points when the cards run out wins.

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