Labyrinth Game

Marvel at the Moving MazeLabyrinth Game 4

  • What: Labyrinth game
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun for multiple ages, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Feeling a little lost on how to entertain your kids? Try a game of Labyrinth from Ravensburger, the maker of Four First Games

Labyrinth board game on Amazon

In this board game, two to four players race through the maze to collect the most items. But watch out! The maze twists and turns as players interact with it to reach their next treasure. Choose from wizards in blue, red, green, and yellow to try and advance to the end. The board comes with sixteen tiles printed with an item or starting spot for each player. It also includes 34 additional tiles to be laid out in random order. 

Labyrinth board game from Ravensburger with pieces laid out in front of box
Sixteen tiles come permanently attached to the board.

This game doesn’t require any reading skills. Once you get the board filled with tiles, deal the treasure cards equally between players. Don’t let other players see your treasures, as it lets them know how to block your path. The first one to collect all their treasures and return to their starting position wins. The catch? The extra tile can be inserted along the edges of the maze, to shift the pieces and change the path. Players take turns inserting the extra tile, then moving their figure as far as they like along any open path. 

Labyrinth board game box with board filled with tiles laid out in front
Use the spare tile to slide a row or column of the maze.

We also play by our own rules. With the treasure cards in a community stack, players take turns drawing a card and getting to the next treasure. Instead of inserting the extra card, we can use a move to rotate an existing tile. Once you reach the item, you draw another treasure card. The person with the most treasure after the deck runs out wins. My youngest kid also likes to attribute special powers to each of the different colored wizard figures. For instance, one can teleport through walls, and another can see the future by looking at and rearranging the next three cards.

Labyrinth game with treasure card showing knight's helmet and red wizard in starting position
Collect all the treasures shown on your cards and return to your starting position to win.

Whether you use the rules as written or make up your own to suit your family dynamics, this game can entertain multiple ages for years to come.

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