MyMayu Rain Boots for Kids

Mymayu rain boots blue Traveler style

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Flexible Waterproof Footwear

Mymayu rain boots blue Traveler style

  • What: MyMayu boots for kids
  • When: 18 months to 8 years
  • Why: Durable, packable, lightweight
  • Where: Secondhand

If your kid needs serious protection from the elements with the flexibility of a sneaker, look no further than a pair of MyMayu rain boots (no longer in production, though you can score some secondhand).

Mymayu bright blue rain boots for kids with nonslip sole showing
MyMayu boots offer the comfort and flexibility of a sneaker with the waterproofing of a boot.

When Croc Bump It rain boots won’t do the job, MyMayu can come to the rescue. This rain gear functions more like a shoe with a plastic leg gator permanently attached. The solid sole provides lots of traction while still offering good flexibility for active kids. The upper shoe portion tightens thanks to a sliding loop along elastic laces. The upper polyester fabric with sealed seams keeps water from sneaking in even when they wade almost knee deep through puddles and streams. It tightens above the calf with another sliding loop and elastic cord to keep their feet and calves dry.

Mymayu kids' Traveler rain boots in bright blue size 1 with upper fabric tucked into shoe portion
The upper fabric tucks into the shoe portion, making these boots a great choice for travel and compact storage.

Looking to travel? These boots pack down into shoe size, and take up much less room (and weight!) in your luggage. With a good pair of winter socks, they can handle most conditions year round. The knee-high upper portion keeps clothes cleaner when worn on the outside. Or you can put outerwear over the high rise boots, to provide even more protection from the elements. These boots offer lots of flexibility, with a roomy footbed for thicker socks or wider feet.

Girl wearing Mymayu Traveler rain boots for kids in giant puddle in the woods
These boots reach almost to the knee to provide superior protection and keep kids dry.

We have the Traveler style boots, which come in sizes toddler 5 (around 18 months) to size 3 big kids (around 8 or 9 years). While you can’t buy direct anymore, if you find a secondhand pair online or elsewhere, snag them! They will easily last through multiple children and seasons.

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