Mack Rhino, Private Eye Books

Milk These Mini MysteriesMack Rhino, Private Eye books by Paul Dubois Jacobs The Big Race Lace Case and The

  • What: Mack Rhino, Private Eye books
  • When: 5 to 8 years
  • Why: Entertaining, easy reads
  • Where: Amazon or your local library

Join forces with the lovable Mack Rhino, Private Eye by Paul Dubois Jacobs. Whether your mystery is big or small, he’s your rhino for the job. This milk-loving megafauna will delight readers young and old as he solves cases in the town of Coral Cove.

The Big Race Lace Case on Amazon

Young readers will enjoy the fun characters and antics revealed in these beginner chapter books. With large text and frequent black and white illustrations, kids can grow their reading skills along with Mack’s private eye business. Both books have around 70 pages split into eight chapters, so readers can go at their own pace. Start with The Big Race Lace Case or delve into The Candy Caper Case for some sofa sleuthing made for kids. Grownups will get a kick out of the puns and rhymes inherent in each book, too, which makes them great for reading out loud to younger kids. 

page spread from Mack Rhino Private Eye The Big Race Lace Case chapter book for kids by Paul Dubois Jacobs
With large text and lots of pictures, these books make great reads for learners.

If you want to introduce your child to chapter books with upbeat characters and a can-do attitude, Mack Rhino is your guy.

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